Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I've decided that our vehicles hate us this week......

It was my turn this time. I was leaving work at lunch today and slid into a huge rock in my bosses driveway. She lives on a hill so you have to drive up or down to get on the road. I went down the steep side (I thought about turning around and going down the other side but noooooo). I started sliding in the packed snow and couldn't get going the right way. I stopped right at the rock and barely touched it--tiny scratch. I couldn't back up or move so I put it in PARK and set the parking brake. I called Neal and he came to pull me out. I thought he would just pull me out but he decided he needed to try and get it out....well he managed to back up then slid INTO the rock. Yep, my front bumper is shattered AGAIN! In less than 3 month my SUV has been hit by a deer, fixed, and messed up again. He did end up pulling me up the hill so I could go down again and not hit the rock this time.
We decided we wouldn't turn it into insurance this time. After looking at our estimate for the deer accident, we figured out we can get it fixed ourselves for cheaper than the deductible. Since it's only the bumper it won't be so bad this time. Maybe the body shop guy needs some plumbing work done...he is building a new house.

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