Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's almost rodeo time!

Next weekend Kinsey and I will attend The 125th Annual West of the Pecos Rodeo. No we don't participate but we are spectators. I grew up in Pecos, Texas "Home of the World's First Rodeo"and have attended as many years as I've been able to. Kinsey has gone pretty much every year of her life.

Growing up I wore jeans, boots, and western attire. Now days I wear shorts, flip flops, and the coolest shirts I can! Pecos is hot in July usually averaging about 110 degrees during the day. When we want to take Kinsey to the park to play we wait until 10pm to go so it's cooler. You would be surprised at how many people are out there at that time of night.

The following week we will be back home and attend the Smokey Bear Stampede and Parade. It's the local rodeo and festivities. The parade is amazing because it has so many fire trucks in it. Trucks from all over the area come to participate. You just have to hope there's not a fire any where because all the fire trucks are!

ps. this fire truck picture was actually taken in May at another parade...that's why the trees don't have leaves yet. All but one parade in Capitan have firetrucks in! The Christmas parade is a non-motorized parade so there aren't any trucks in it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Look what happens when you eat watermelon

Kinsey was sitting here eating watermelon when she suddenly felt her top tooth fall out! The dentist had told me there was nothing holding it in so I'm not surprised that it finally fell out. Now she has two more on top that should come out soon since they are wiggly! I guess the tooth fairy needs to make sure she has the appropriate amount of money for tonight ;-)

By the way, check out how long Kinsey's hair had gotten. She decided she wated to grow it out again so we've only been getting trims. She wears it in a ponytail a few times a week.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lincoln National Forest

We decided to take a drive up past Bonito Lake yesterday and check out some camp grounds. We want to go camping but fuel just about kills us if we drive to far. We decided that since we live in a National Forest we should just go camping around here. We found a few places that we want to try in the near future. Kinsey wanted to play in some water but there were so many people fishing at the lake and the river that we finally just let her play in a low water crossing. There is a little stream that runs down from the mountains to the lake that has very very cold water. Kinsey played in it but didn't stay in the water to!

Here are a few pictures of some pretty wild flowers I found while Kinsey was playing in the water.

And lastly a picture of why we left and headed home.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hens and Chicks

My chicks are out growing my hens. I guess I'm going to have to start pulling them off and replanting them. I would love to make another rock garden but I'm not sure where. I love how this little one looks around the water spigot.

I want to ride my bicycle!

Kinsey has started riding her "big" bike she got for her birthday. She needed a little more time on her little bike to get comfortable riding without training wheels. Yesterday we pulled out her big bike to see if she could ride it and now she's riding all over the place!

Does anyone know where my title comes from?

Monday, June 04, 2007

Camping at Bottomless Lakes

We went to Bottomless Lakes State Park this weekend and had a great time. I took a few pictures...surprise, surpriseKinsey and Neal playing in the water.Kinsey after we made Smores.

One of the smaller "lakes"

I love the reflection on this one

This is my favorite picture of all that I took. I'm looking down into the "lake" and it's reflecting the clouds back up at me.

All of the lakes are actually sink holes that are fed by springs. The water in them is salt water. The largest lake has a beach with sand and a great swimming area that is roped off. You can rent paddle boats and paddle boards to go out in the deeper part of the lake. The camping area is very nice and has a great bath house. We use it instead of trying shower in our camper (aka "the smallest shower in the world").