Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tooth #5 is out!

I keep forgetting to post that Kinsey lost her 5th tooth last Thursday. Three girls in her class lost teeth that day. I'm sure the tooth fairy was very busy that night ;-)
She is now working on her other top middle tooth. It's wiggly but is going to take some work to get out. Kinsey loves corn on the cob and apples but is sorely missing getting to eat them without me cutting them for her. Hopefully she'll be done with these front ones soon and she can get back to some of her favorite foods.
I'll try to get a picture of her missing teeth up this week.

Beauty and the Beast

Kinsey's class got to go to the Spencer Theater to see Beauty and the Beast. It was a great production that was geared for kids. The Beast wasn't to scary so the kids enjoyed it. The children from our school were so well behaved. They stayed in their lines and walked with their hands behind their backs. They also looked very nice all dressed up. Kinsey wore one of her new dresses that we bought last week in Roswell. We went to pick out a dress for her graduation and also bought a new sundress. She looked so cute!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mixed up song lyrics by Kinsey

Have you ever heard the song Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkle? This is Kinsey's version

Ce-cereallllllllll, you're breaking my heart
you're shaking my com-please
oh Ce-cerealllllllll, you're baking my neice
you're shaking my --------- (not sure what's she saying here)
ha ha ha ha ha ha

LOL This is one of her favorite songs so I have it on her MP3 player and she's been singing it loud. I have been writing down what she says when she's singing.

By the way, here are the real lyrics

Celia, youre breaking my heart
Youre shaking my confidence daily
Oh, cecilia, Im down on my knees
Im begging you please to come home

Kinsey finally lost her big tooth!

This tooth has been loose since before Christmas and was barely hanging on by a thread. We have yanked on it and tried to get it to come out but it hung on. Today is my sister's birthday and she told Kinsey all she wanted was for Kinsey to lose her tooth. A few minutes ago Kinsey was eating a granola bar. When she finished she came over to me and told me that her tooth felt funny....it was gone! We're not sure where it went but I'm guessing she swallowed it...lol! We're going to write a letter to the tooth fairy and explain what happened. I'm sure she will leave Kinsey something anyways. ;-)

Here's a picture of her toothless grin.