Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yard Sale finds for $13!

This post is inspired by one of my favorite bloggers Sarah of Mommy, Are the Toys on Sale?. I got to go yard saling today and wanted to post my great finds like she does. There weren't a lot of sales today but I did get some great deals. The first yard sale on our list we never found. Why don't people put up signs?? When I have a yard sale I make lots of HUGE signs so people know where I'm at. You can't sell your junk if you don't advertise! The 2nd sale was a bunch of junk. At the 3rd my friend who went with Kinsey and I found a bunch of clothes for herself. It was like looking in her! Kinsey found a cute black and leopard print hat for $1. At the 4th sale I found tons of children's books. Since I work at a daycare, I always ask what the price would be if I bought them all and mention that I work at a daycare. This bunch had quite a few hard back books including several Dr. Seuss (Kinsey's favorite!). I always let Kinsey pick what she wants and the rest go to the daycare. I was thinking $5 but the lady said $15 so I said no. She offered $12 so I told Kinsey to pick what she wanted and we would just pay for those. Finally the lady offered $10 so I took that. Not to bad for this box of children's books.

My friend bought 2 wreaths and a baby toy (she owns the daycare).

The next sale we went to I found a football for my friends son for $1 and she bought some under counter lights and a bracelet for Kinsey. I had to drop my friend off after that so it was just Kinsey and I now. We went to a dollar store near by for a few things then hit an Estate sale that started at 10am (why so late??) and bought two little plastic measuring jars. I'm sure they went to some Oster blender or mixer at one time but I think they will be great to mix small things in. They were $.25 each. The last sale we hit was at a storage building and they had stuff strung out every where. I found an adult life jacket for $.25 and Kinsey found the game Trouble for $.25. Here is a picture of all the little odds and ends.

Kinsey and I grabbed some lunch and were home by noon. We've already played several games of Trouble and looked through the books. Not bad for a Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

I love a good yard sale. Unfortunately I find that it is impossible to browse yard sales with my kids...