Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hello! Anyone out there?

Knock, knock, knock! I'm here! I just thought I would post an update before someone (mumble-mumble-Kristina-mumble-mumble) reminded me that I hadn't posted in February! Ha! Got ya before you got me! ;-)

Let's see....where to begin? We had a great Christmas and New Year. Kinsey got a cute kitten from Santa for Christmas and we've all fallen in love with her. I'll have to find a newer picture to post another day because she has grown so much since this picture. I have lots of cute stories to share about her.

My Mom has been sick since before the first of the year. She is having some heart problems and seeing a cardiologist about them. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Neal has bought yet another pickup because you know it's only been 3-4 months since he got the last one. I need to take a picture of it so I have documentation of it before he sells it and gets another! It's by far the nicest one he's had so far. It's a '92 Chevy Silverado that reminds me of the one my Dad used to drive. I drove it the other day and it brought back memories of Old Brownie or was it High Ho Silver?

Lastly, we are looking for a house to rent or buy very soon. We've lived in this house almost 5 years and were looking into buying soon but things got moved up for us. After 5 years of traveling and other things our landlords have decided to settle down and want their house back. They are having a baby and want to be settled before it gets here. We have 2-3 months to get this going. I have been scouring the newspapers and realtor sites online but haven't found to much. Well, I did find my dream house but after calling about it and almost falling out of my chair when I was told the price I quickly marked it off my list. It had my dream kitchen and garden tub. Someday..........

Anyways, just wanted to touch base and say I am still alive. I plan to start posting again. I haven't been trying many new recipes but do have a few new ones. Keep an eye out and I'll try to get back more often!!

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