Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cable, and plugs, and USB cords OH MY!

Kinsey and I are going on a short little trip to Texas this weekend. We are getting up early tomorrow morning so we can be at my eye doctors by 1:30pm. I started get our things together last night and realized how many cords and cables I have to keep up with. Kinsey is taking her DVD player and her Nintendo DS so that's two chargers. She will also have headphones. I'm taking my cell phone and GPS so I will need charges for those. Instead of having car chargers for all these things we have a converter that plugs into our power points and you just plug your home charger into it. That makes it easier than having to buy seperate car chargers. The only bad thing is if you need to charge more than one thing at a time because we only have one converter. We have 3 power points! I have everything on it's charger right now so we should be good on the way there.

I hope everyone has a Happy Valentines and a safe weekend!

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