Thursday, November 12, 2009

Big spender at the Thrift Shop

Our little village has a thrift shop run by the library volunteers. They have all kinds of odds and ends and lots of clothes. Today my boss and I went in to find some "extra" clothes for the day care. We have a few kids who don't have clothes appropriate for the season or who need an extra change of clothes for those "oops" days. The thrift store does community outreach and lets us come by and pick out stuff and take it for free for the day care. While we were there, I found a few things for myself. I found a Bugs Bunny video for Neal and Kinsey. They LOVE Bugs and friends. I found a hard cover Jennifer Crusie book I have not read. And last I found a pair of yoga pants that are basically new (just a quick wash to make them new to me). Guess how much I paid for those 3 things??? Ready? $.85! Yep, that's right $.85. What a bargain. I put my $.15 change into the donation jar because you just can't beat the deal I got. I'll have to go back and check more often and see what I can find!

ps. yeah yeah I know I didn't post for a few days.....

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Anonymous said...

HMMM I was wondering when you would notice you hadn't posted in awhile. LOL I taught you good in looking for bargins. Mama