Friday, August 06, 2010

Summer Semester 2010

I guess we'll just shoot for one post a semester at this point. I finished up the summer semester last week and am just now recovering. I took Psychology 101 and ended up with a 98 or A! I loved that class and learned a lot from it. I also took Interpersonal Communications and received an A (not sure of the number grade). Not my favorite class but I got through it. Still maintaining my 4.0 GPA!

For the Fall 2010 semester I signed up for Adolescent Psychology, Marriage and The Family (both 1/2 semester classes--Fall I & II), Basic Computer Skills, and Digital Photography. I think I will enjoy the first 2 classes and they fit nicely with my degree plan. I feel silly taking a basic computer class since I majored in Computer Science the first time I went to college but everything I learned is pretty much obsolete and I have no idea how to do a PowerPoint presentation. I know this class will be informative and beneficial in the end. The digital photography class with meet my Art requirement and be an indulgence at the same time. I've always wanted to take a photography class so why not do it and get 3 credits out of it? I decided to take the two 1/2 semester classes so I can go full-time while only taking 3 classes at a time. Hopefully it will work out like I plan.

Kinsey starts school August 18th and will be in the 4th grade. I think she is ready to get back into the routine of school. She attended cheer camp this past week and really enjoyed it. Today was the last day. I will have to see if any of my pictures turned out and may add one later.

I hope everyone has a great "rest of the summer!"

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