Monday, June 27, 2011


Oh how we take life for granted. Everything is going along great then WHAM! you are hit with devastating news. I know I've mentioned it before but I'll do it again--I have an amazing group of friends that I met online about eleven years ago when I was pregnant with Kinsey. I didn't post much to our group when I was pregnant but read every day. After I had Kinsey, I had so many questions and it was amazing to have people who were going through the same things to talk to. Now that we have ten year olds, we don't post to our group board as much but are still involved through Facebook. I have met about fifteen of these woman and wish with all my heart I could meet a lot more!

Recently, one of our Mommies found out that her husband has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has less than a year to live. He is Neal's age--I think that is what has hit me the hardest-he is MY husband's age. I feel just horrible for this Mommy because she has had a lot of loss in her life and her husband has been her rock--the one who has stood by her and supported her the whole time. They are such a great couple. His wish is that they can go to Disney World before he gets to sick so he can make memories with his wife and four kids. Through a few emails among our group, we have managed to raise an amount that will help them achieve that dream. I know it won't be enough to pay for the whole trip but they won't have to worry as much about money on this trip.

I love this group of ladies. We have been together through so much. We've had "fake" people on our board and thank goodness have weeded those people out. Our core group of ladies are so wonderful. I know if I ever needed anything they would be there for me and I will be there for them. Love you March Mommies!!


Donna @ Snowbound said...

It makes me cry and I feel privileged that I was able to join the group. You post was wonderful.

Peggy C said...

Amen. Kerry is a fabulous lady and our MM group is the best.

Brenda said...

Sadly, Peter lost his battle with cancer in May of 2012 :(