Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Visiting "Home"

I'm in my hometown visiting my parents.  I don't get to come down here as often as I would like but always enjoy when I can come and spend time with them.  I especially enjoy when I can come when it's not a holiday and we can just do what we want--no preparing special foods or wrapping presents!

I've gotten to eat at some of my favorite places and enjoy some of my my Mom's home cooking.  We've sat around the dining room table and played games and laughed.  I've gotten to see family friends and enjoy their company.  It's been a good visit!

Today we have a "to do list" to finish up.  Things I need to look at or fix.  Errands we need to run and places to go.  I will savor my last day here before heading to my home and enjoy the time I've had here.

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