Thursday, February 15, 2007

Remember when I used to post everyday?

Yeah, me too. I miss those days. I keep thinking I'm going to blog something but I don't. I wish I could get over this cold/sinus/??? thing that is just hanging on. I have a snotty nose and hacking cough that won't go away. I feel ok but am not getting enough sleep so I feel like a slug. We've also had copious amounts of snow. This is the first winter in the 5 1/2 years we've lived up here that we've had a "true winter". I'm so sick of the snow and mud. Last week was pretty nice but then it started snowing again this week. I'm hoping that since the groundhog saw his shadow that winter is going to end soon!

I should update that Neal is back to work and feeling pretty good. He went to the doctor Monday and got clearance to go back to work on light duty. We pulled the last of the steri-strips off his wound last weekend. Neal kept saying they were making his stomach tight so he wanted them off. He would ask me to do it then back off. Finally I told him I was just going to look at them.....hehehe...I grabbed them and pulled them off. He was a little surprised but said it felt much better. Almost forgot to add that his doctor also offered to write a letter to the first surgeon we saw in November. He said it is ridiculous that the first guy missed this.

We are having our Valentine's Day on Friday. Neal got us tickets for REO Speedwagon so we are going to dinner with friends then to the concert. It doesn't start until 9pm....why does that seem late? I remember being in high school and nothing really got started until 10pm. Now Neal is in bed by 10pm and I'm not to far behind. I think we're getting old. Kinsey is going to stay and my friend's house so she's pretty excited too.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda hope the Valentine outing is fun it sounds like it will be. Melissa, Donna, and I will be going to see Bill in his play. Talk to you soon. Glad Neal is doing well too. Love Mama kisses to Kinsey

Anonymous said...


I am so glad that Neal is feeling better, to bad he had to go so long with a diagnosis!

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day.