Sunday, March 09, 2008

It was a Hannah Montana Birthday!

We had Kinsey's birthday party yesterday, March 9th! Here is her picture with Pooh that I take every year. Pooh seems to be shrinking!

Kinsey wanted a Hannah Montana party and I wanted an easy party so we compromised. We had the party at the park and I made cupcakes. They were decorated in pink and purple to match the HM napkins we ordered. Neon food coloring is very BRIGHT! I used a star tip on my frosting bag and stuck some decorations on top. They turned our really cute!

Kinsey got so much Hannah Montana stuff! It's amazing all the things you can buy in HM. Neal and I got her a HM fashion doll, HM's friend Lilly fashion doll, HM gown, HM hair clips, and some other clothes. In this picture you can see the HM toothbrush, hair clips and trash can she got from Aunt LaLa, Uncle T, and Cade.

These are the three 3-D art posters that she got from 3 different people. It's amazing that they were all different. She got various other HM things, a Snoopy Snow cone maker, ATM bank, and all kinds of other neat things. It was a great party even though it was cold. The kids love that play ground so it was worth it.

One last picture of Kinsey at her basket ball game Saturday. She is on the Jaguars and they are purple. Kinsey was only passed the ball once and warmed the bench a few times. She is more of a back up! She is going to make a great cheerleader someday! We just want her to have the experience of playing some team sports. I don't see her becoming an athlete any time soon :-)

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Anonymous said...

vkWhat can I say-she is cute and really growing up. Are we going to have a HM green cake for our birthdays LOL. Love Mama