Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy 42nd Birthday Neal!

I swear, there are more birthday's in mine and Neal's family between the end of February and the beginning of April than any other time of the year. I don't know what those parent's were doing 9 months before but they sure were busy!

Neal turns 42 today! He keeps saying 24...lol! I talked to him on the phone earlier and his boss took him out to lunch at Cattle Baron and bought him a birthday cake. Not knowing this, I bought steaks and potatoes for dinner and am baking a cake. Oh well, I'm sure he'll eat steak for 2 meals in a day. I still haven't bought him a gift. I fished around for ideas, gave him choices and finally told him I was giving him money and he could pick out what he wants. He is the hardest person to buy for sometimes.


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