Saturday, March 03, 2007

Thank you so much for your prayers

Neal is doing so much better. He got out of the hospital on Wednesday (2/28). He had laparoscopic surgery so he had lots of little cuts where they put the instruments in. He is still having some pain on the big cut but taking the big bandages off helped that some what. His surgeon said that when he was in there taking out the gall bladder he checked the hernia site and Neal had some adhesions so he cut those and untangled some of his bowel so he may be having some pain from that. Otherwise he is doing much better!
My Grandmother is out of the hospital and moved into the nursing home. My Mom said the move went pretty well. She needs to gain some strength to get better.
Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts! It has meant so much to me to know that I have friends and family out there thinking about us.

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