Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Perfect Attendance for the 3rd Quarter and loosing a tooth.

Kinsey had an assembly last Thursday and she received her 3rd Perfect Attendance certificate. Knock on wood, we are going for the full year. She is really loving school and learning so much. It just amazes me when she reads to me. Her class is studying science right now so we have been talking about living and non-living things. We go through our day pointing out these things.

On Sunday morning, Kinsey lost her 3rd tooth. It's been wiggly and pretty much just fell out. She was so excited. The Tooth Fairy brought her $2! We are still waiting for her top teeth to come out. I posted about it being loose around Christmas and it still hasn't come out. I can feel the new tooth coming through but the old one is still hanging on. The new tooth has pushed the old one up against the other front tooth. If if doesn't come out soon, I'm thinking about taking her to the dentist to see if he can get it out.

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