Monday, December 29, 2008

Neil and Deb....that's us

Do you ever get called the wrong name? I get called Deb, Debbie, or Deborah quite often. Ever since I was in college people have called me the wrong name. I have worked in many places that I've worn a name tag with my name on it and people have still called me the wrong name while looking at my name tag. My sister's best friend introduced me to her parents as Debbie one time--while I was wearing my name tag. I've learned to laugh it off and find it quite funny sometimes. When I worked for Service Merchandise in NC, I had an assistant manager who called me Debbie all the time. One day I borrowed a girl's name tag that said Debbie. The assistant manager took one look at it and told me that wasn't my name. I told him since he called me that all the time I thought I should have a name tag with that on it....LOL!

Neal just has the problem of people misspelling his name. He has one of those names that can be spelled several different ways. He was blessed with the less common spelling. At least he still gets called the right name.

Just this Christmas we received a sack of goodies from a neighbor and it said To: Neil and Deb. We had a good laugh over it and of course had to give the neighbor a hard time ;-)

ps. I should mention that Kinsey gets in on this all the time too. She gets called McKenzie quite often. I tell people it's just Mc in front.

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A Sleep Deprived Mom... said...

Deb- I mean Brenda- thanks for the giggle. I can relate. My other names always seem to be Christine and Dana. Love the Christmas photos, too! :)