Thursday, June 15, 2006

All about me and my life

After reading so many food blogs, I decided to try one of my own. I love to read food blogs and to bake and cook. I have one of the smallest kitchens imaginable but still manage to cook great food in it.

I find that when I bake I have to adjust for the altitude. Not all recipes have those instructions so I have learned to add a little extra flour to any baking recipe and it usually comes out great. I live in the central mountains of New Mexico near a ski resort. We live at about 6500ft. The ski resort is at about 9000ft.

My name is Brenda and I'm 36 years old. I've been married to N for almost 6 years now. We have a beautiful 5 years old daughter I've nick named Pumpkin Pie (my favorite pie). I work part-time at a daycare. I cook lunch for 8 to 16 children every that's fun! Actually, they are really good eaters. I have tried out several new recipes lately and they have loved them all. I finally worked out a 4 week menu that is tasty and nutritious. We have state guide lines to follow that are a pain in the butt but ensure that the kids eat healthy.

I hope to share ideas, recipes, and life in general here........ENJOY!

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Joe said...

Welcome to the addicting world of Food Blogging!