Sunday, June 18, 2006

The quest for the perfect cinnamon roll....or is it a sticky bun?

Last week I made a can of those cinnamon rolls you buy in the refrigerated biscuit section of the grocery store. Pumpkin Pie was so excited and told me they were the best cinnamon rolls she had ever eaten.....WHAT?? I was a little shocked because surely I had made better cinnamon rolls than that....hadn't I? Turns out I haven't. I guess that is one of those things I haven't tried to tackle yet. I really don't want to try making bread dough just because of the whole altitude thing. I could drag out the bread machine but that would require way more work than the cinnamon rolls would be worth (to me). So now I am on the hunt for the perfect recipe that uses frozen bread dough which I couldn't find at my local Wal-Mart Super Center but did find at my local little tiny itty-bitty grocery store. I have found a few recipes but I guess I'm looking for something different....maybe a sticky bun. What I'm remembering from my childhood is a sticky gooey pecan raisin confection. I grew up in Texas and we use to go to a mall that had these amazing sticky buns. I remember that it was a special treat to get one and devour it right out in the mall. This could explain why I'm so "fluffy"! LOL! Anyways, I have the bread dough and all the ingredients now I have to find the time and energy to get these made. I'll keep you updated!

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