Friday, June 30, 2006

The car wash

Today Kinsey and I went to run a few errands before we go to my parents for the weekend. I payed a few bills, bought dog food, got the oil changed, and we went to the car wash. I love this car wash not b/c it's the fanciest or best looking place but b/c of the service. This is one of those places you drive in and it has big brushes that wash your car/truck and has big blowers at the end. But before you even get in there 2 older gentlemen come out to take your money and put it in the machine for you, then they spray some bug stuff on the windshield, and scrub the tires with a brush...something the big fancy one down the road doesn't do. They also ask how many kids you have with you and give them a sucker! While I was in the washer, one man came in with his brush and scrubbed my back window and bumper b/c they didn't get clean by the machine. For this I only pay $5!

When we went into my little village to get the mail this afternoon, they were putting up bunting, banners, and flags every where. Stuff like that just puts me in a good mood! Tomorrow is the first night of the rodeo so the town is getting spiffed up. Kinsey and I are actually going to my parents to go to a big rodeo tomorrow. DH is super busy so we wouldn't hardly see him this weekend if we were home. He already told me he was going to be late tonight....wished I had know that and that I wouldn't have to work this afternoon....I would have taken off to my parents early. Oh well, tomorrow morning is soon enough.

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