Sunday, August 27, 2006

Rain, Rain go away....

After so many years of drought, we have had amazing amounts of rain. The lakes and rivers are all full and there is flooding every where. Yesterday, Kinsey and I stopped on Gavilan Canyon where it crosses the Rio Ruidoso to take a few pictures. It's been closed for about 2 weeks from all the water.

This is supposed to be a bridge.

Before all the rain, the water came out of the drain pipes at the bottom.

Yes, those are the stripes on the road.

Next we went to a park that we took the day care kids to last year. The kids would wade in the very shallow cold water. Now it's a roaring river.

The area to the right under the trees is where we would picnic.

Just amazing!

Here's one of Kinsey on the play ground.

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