Monday, August 21, 2006

We tortured our child tonight

Yes, you read that right we actually tortured her tonight. The neighbors were surely calling CYFD for all the crying and screaming going on. Want to know what we were doing?? We were cleaning her belly button!
Before Kinsey put her pj's on, I decided to wipe her off with a wash cloth since I had sprayed bug spray on her earlier. Tonight wasn't bath night but I didn't want her going to bed with all those chemicals on her. I was wiping her off and looked at her belly button...ewwwwww!! It was almost black. I tried to wipe it real quick but she was having nothing to do with that. I finally told her to go to Daddy and show him. Neal got a good look at it and told Kinsey we had to clean her belly button out. I got a Q-Tip wet and brought it to him. Kinsey started crying and covering her belly button. I finally had to get a wash cloth for Neal and then I had to hold her down while he wiped it out. YUCK! Of course after it was all over she was fine and asking for ice cream.
Who knew that having kids would mean cleaning out belly!

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Anonymous said...

We go through the same thing with Maddy only it is not only over belly button cleaning, but teeth brushing, hair brushing, ear cleaning, and nail clipping. She screams bloody murder everytime I need to do anything that looks like I am remotely going to clean her.

Who ever knew getting clean was a form of torture?