Sunday, August 27, 2006

We have squash!

Our squash plant has taken over the garden. Have you seen the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show? My squash plant is that HUGE! Neal has been bringing in 2 to 3 squash a day. If you live near me you will be receiving your squash!

Tonight Neal sliced one, dipped the slices in an egg/milk mixture, rolled them in flour, and fried them. They were so good. I wish I had taken a picture of them on the plate but we ate them all before I could even think about it. YUMMY!!

I know I had planned on blogging about food but I just haven't been in a cooking mood lately. During the winter I tend to bake a lot more so get ready for that! It's almost time for Brenda's Famous Pumpkin Sheetcake with cream cheese frosting. The recipe will follow soon!

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