Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dont' you hate it when...

you put something up so you will remember where it is and then can't find it? Last Friday I went through some boxes in the kitchen that I had never gotten around to unpacking since we moved in. I came across a package of the brackets that hold up mini blinds. In the back of my mind I told myself to keep those out because I needed them.

Fast forward to today when I needed them and couldn't find them! Last month I took the mini blinds down in Kinsey's room and put up heavy blackout drapes because they keep her room warmer and help her sleep later in the morning. I put the mini blinds in the spare room to put up in there since I had never bought any for that room. I wanted to put the blinds up but couldn't remember where I put the brackets. I looked on the counter, in the junk drawer, several boxes, etc. I finally gave up and moved on to other things. I was putting something in a cabinet and saw a plastic sack sitting in there and it hit me.....maybe it's in there....but why would it be in that sack? Sure enough I looked in the the sack and there they were!

The mini blinds are up and while I had the curtains down I washed them so they are nice and fresh. I'm thinking those nights that Neal tosses and turns or snores this will also be my place to!

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