Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Magic Cookie Bars

Kinsey has a pen pal who lives in Canada. Her mother and I have belonged to the same online mommy group since the girls were born (Hi Kim!). Recently they posted pictures on their blog where Scarlett made Magic Cookie bars. Kinsey and I were looking at the pictures and Kinsey said she would like to make them too. We finally made them tonight.

The ingredients.

Adding the chocolate chips....some how a few made it into her mouth...hmmmm.

Ready to go in the oven.

Done! They are cooling on the counter now waiting to be sliced and put in a container. Kinsey had to go to bed so she will miss that part. I may have to sample them to make sure they turned out ok ;-)


Anonymous said...

The bars look good-you did a good job Kinsey-as I recall your Mother made them for a 4-H project. Are some of them coming to Pecos for Thanksgiving? lol We are looking forward to seeing you sometime tomorrow. Love ya'll Grandma and Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Hi Kinsey, that's great you made the same thing I did.

I love your pictures.

Your penpal Scarlett