Saturday, November 08, 2008

Feeling much better today

I have felt so much better today. I guess I just needed a good nights sleep. I went to bed early and slept late today. I still have a stopped up nose but that's not unusual for me.

I've been working on making our guest bedroom into a real guest bedroom today. When we moved in everything that didn't have a home was just shoved in there. We will be having company next weekend (Hi Mom!) so I thought I had better have a place ready to sleep. I have found all kinds of treasures today and a whole lot of! I did empty out or consolidate quite a few boxes and threw out some stuff. Sometimes I wonder why I keep half the stuff I do. I know part of it is genetic (Hi Mom!) and part of it is living 20 miles from Wal-Mart. I would rather have stuff handy and not have to drive to get something. I've been going through boxes of craft stuff and sorting them into Avon boxes. My Grandmother has sold Avon for over 50 years and she gets her deliveries in sturdy boxes. They've been the same size box for years. When I was in high school I covered several boxes with contact paper and kept stationary in them. I still use those boxes to store stuff in. In the guest bedroom/craft room I have a long shelf over a storage hutch and I plan to put the craft supply boxes up there. I need to cover the boxes but that will have to wait until another day. I will at least label them so I know what's in each box.

I'm lucky that the two twin beds we have are captains beds. They have storage under them and 3 drawers. They were mine and my sister's when we were growing up. My brother used one as he grew up. Kinsey has the one that was mine and the guest bedroom will have the other one. I was able to store some boxes of odds and ends under it and will fill the drawers with "stuff". I can't wait to get this room done so that I can do some sewing and crafting in that room. It will also be nice to have a place for guest.

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Anonymous said...

HI Brenda its a good thing you are getting my room fixed. LOL!!! I'll see you on Friday. Love Mama