Monday, November 17, 2008

my other job

Since Neal started his own company I am his secretary. Earlier he asked me to make an invoice for an inspection he did today. I told him to write the info down and I would get to it after my TV show was over. So I get to the computer and there is a little piece of paper with what he did but no who he did it for. Of course he has gone to bed and I don't want to wake a sleeping bear. I'll leave my own little note for him and he can get it when I get to it.

He is hopefully going hunting early in the morning so I may not see him. The hunting gods have been working against him the last few days. His alarm hasn't gone off so he hasn't gotten up early enough. Sunday the power went out during the night and last night he forgot to set it. When he has been out he's only seen does or cow elk. In some ways I hope he gets a deer but in others I hope he doesn't. The meat would be great to eat this winter but it's a huge chore to process all that meat and get it in the freezer.

I'm off to bed.....yawn

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Anonymous said...

Ken's had little help with hunting this year too. He's gone out a ton of times (like 5X/week, grrrr) and we have 1 doe in the freezer. That won't cut it until next fall.
I hope he gets some meat soon!