Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's a snow day! ~m~

It snowed hard yesterday from about 3:30 until about 9pm. I think we probably got 3 or so inches...guessing since I didn't measure. Our school district announced a 2-hour delay last night and this morning they canceled school. I still had to be to work at 8am. Kinsey and I had a hard time getting on the highway because the roads are snow packed and there is an incline. After about 4 tries we got going and made it to work a few minutes late (I'm definitely getting a 4 wheel drive next vehicle!). The kids were wound up today but did play pretty nicely. I made taco/tostadas for lunch and they chowed down. They are all down for a nap now....sweet silence ;-)

Here is a picture my sister took at her house last night.

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