Saturday, November 17, 2007

decorating Halloween cookies....a week before Thanksgiving

I found a cookie decorating kit on clearance last week and Kinsey has been asking to use it. She doesn't care that it's after Halloween, she just wanted to decorate. Instead of making the frosting in the box (I would have thought they would have had pre-made instead of a mix) I got out a can of chocolate frosting for her to use. She had a blast decorating.
Let me warn you if you see these kits by Wilton that the cookies aren't that great. I was thinking they would be a soft sugar cookie but they are rather hard.
Yes Grandma, that is the apron and cooking utensils she got for Christmas last year! I still can't get her to wear the hat ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Kinsey making cookies look like fun- glad you like your chef stuff. Brenda I am glad you let her do these things. Love both of you M/GM