Saturday, November 10, 2007

Of course the hot water heater died today.......

when Neal and I got up this morning we kept smelling a chemically smell in our bedroom. When I opened the closet the smell was even worse. I asked Neal if maybe he had chemicals on his clothes from work yesterday--our laundry baskets are in the bottom of our closet. We finally decided to check the water heater which is at the end of my side of the closet. I took all my clothes out and we took down the panel that it's behind. There was water all over the floor. After checking it out, Neal decided we would need a new one. Thank goodness he was off today and is a plumber. He called the supply place they use for work and they said they had one and would stay open until he gets there since they closed at noon. We rent so we contacted our landlords and let them know about this. At least they won't have to pay to have it!

Neal ended up getting a 40 gallon tank instead of the 30 gallon we had. For some reason the 40 was cheaper than the 30! Yeah, more hot water!! I have a fan running in the closet floor and the doors open hoping it will dry out soon. I sure would like to hang my clothes up again. Right now they are in the recliner.

I'm off to bed.

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