Sunday, November 11, 2007

Playing dolls with Kinsey

Kinsey has two Our Generation Dolls that she got for different occasions over the last year. These dolls are similar to American Girl dolls but sold at Target and much less expensive. Each doll came with 2 outfits and I've bought them assorted underwear/pajamas. Last night Kinsey and I were playing and we each had our dolls in ballet outfits. Kinsey informed me that it wasn't ballet time any more so we needed to change clothes. As soon as I had the pretty net skirt off my doll and was putting khaki's on her, Kinsey informed me it was ballet time again and her doll was wearing the pretty skirt. Hmmm...I think she just wanted the pretty skirt. LOL!

After playing last night I realized she doesn't have much clothes for these dolls so I went to to see if they had any clothes but they don't offer them online. My next option was Ebay where I found a wonderful "lot" of clothes for a very reasonable price. I bid on them expecting that I wouldn't win because the price was so low. I was very surprised to find I had won today! Now her dolls will have a lot more outfits to pick from. I also plan to get her the horse that goes with them. Kinsey would love a real horse but she will have to live with this smaller horse. I even found one like she wants--a brown horse with a black mane. A few more Christmas presents take care of!

My sister and I went to a great shopping experience today. It's called the Christmas Jubilee and is held at the convention center. Local stores and crafts people in the area are represented. It's not really a crafts show but more of a trade show. It's a great way to go to a lot of stores in one place. We also went to a few retail stores and a flea market type place. It was nice to shop together and visit...something we don't get to do often. Between work, kids, husbands, etc we don't see each other as much as we would like. We live less than a mile apart but some days it seems like 100's of miles.

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