Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's snowing!

We are at my parents in Texas and it's snowing! Ok, it's not a lot of snow but it did snow enough to cover the grass. I have talked to people from where we live in New Mexico and it snowed quite a bit there. That will be great for the ski resort. They had put off opening the ski resort for a week or so since it was so warm. They had been making snow but it wasn't sticking since the weather had been warm. Now I'm sure they will be able to open next weekend with all the snow they received.

We are not skiers but do go sledding. Kinsey loves sledding and we have our "secret" spot we go to. This year Neal and I invested in ski bibs for ourselves since we froze last year. We can wear his heavy Carhart coats with them. Last year Neal found a great sled abandoned on the side of the road so we should be flying down he slopes soon!

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